I thought I had knitted my last afghan for a while, but… I had a lot of leftover yarn and someone who REALLY wanted an afghan made in this pattern… :o) This afghan is made with the mock cable fisherman knit pattern and like the feather and fan it consists of only four pattern rows, so it makes up very quickly.

Here is the basic mock cable pattern:

Row 1: This will be the right (front) side of the afghan. Knit 5, purl 2; * slip 1, knit 2, pass the slipped stitch over the 2 knit stitches; purl 2, repeat from * to last 5 stitches, knit 5.

Row 2: Knit 7; * purl 1, yarn over, purl 1, knit 2; repeat from * to last 5 stitches, knit 5.

Row 3: Knit 5, purl 2; * knit 3 (knitting the yarn over from the previous row as a stitch), purl 2; repeat from * to last 5 stitches, knit 5.

Row 4: Knit 7; * purl 3, knit 2; repeat from * to last 5 stitches, knit 5.

I repeat rows 1 through 4 until the afghan measures as long as I want it to be, always ending after a row 4.

I’ve made so many of these in various lengths and widths, I know the pattern by heart. I usually use a size 10 1/2 36-inch circular needle and worsted weight yarn. (The pattern suggests a size 11 needle, approximately fifty ounces of worsted weight yarn, and 157 stitches to make an afghan roughly measuring 42 by 55 inches… gauge: 7 stitches = 2 inches.)

I always add two rows of plain knitting for the top border and two rows of plain knitting for the bottom border so I can add a long knotted fringe on both ends of the afghan.

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This is gorgeous. I am just learning to knit and my dream is to someday be able to make something that will be as beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pattern stitches.


I love this pattern and especially the fringe. The afghan looks so soft! You do great work – all the stitches look so even and perfect. I wish my knitting could be like this.


What a lovely afghan and such a simple pattern.


I love this afghan..the color the pattern the fringe..all of it! You are a woman of many talents and I love catching up with all your writings and recipes,musings. Thank you Shirley for sharing so much with all of us!

Sharlene T.

I wonder how this would work on a Knifty Knitter? I’ve been knitting my whole life but have found the new KKs to be so much easier now that my hands are so arthritic… Love the look, so may cheat and use the old Russian method of knitting with a carrier… Thanks for sharing.


I just completed the mock cable afghan and it looks great and ready for me to wrap for one of my daughter’s birthday present. Thank you for the pattern. I will be knitting this pattern again and again.

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

I’m so glad you like the pattern. It’s a fun one to make, too, isn’t it? I’ll bet the afghan you made for your daughter is beautiful.


Hi Shirley,

What I like about the pattern is its simplicity and it comes out looking so elegant and beautiful. The mock cable lined up very nicely. Anyone wanting to try this pattern will not be disappointed. It is not a difficult pattern. Also, for those who are new to knitting and if you want to know how to do the mock cable stitch, just go to youtube.com. I go there for almost all my knitting and crocheting questions.

Thanks again Shirley.