It snowed last night.

And if this morning’s severe weather alerts are correct, there’s a good-sized nor’easter coming our way. Today is supposed to be sunny with temperatures above freezing, and I’m hoping that the two inches of new snow we woke up to this morning will melt before the new storm brings more.

The heavy snow is supposed to start sometime tomorrow afternoon and continue on for the next couple of days. The weather people are annoyingly excited over the prospect of such a big storm happening so early in the season. They’re warning about strong, driving winds, property damage and power outages… and lots of downed trees when the several inches of wet, heavy snow coats the leaves that are still left on the trees.

I’m hoping they’re wrong.

I’m not ready for winter weather yet.

Are you?

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Talk to me! :o)



I’m not ready but we have it. I’m in Colorado and we had several inches of snow already. It’s just too soon.


NO!!! I’m not. It’s still fall – not winter – and I’m not emotionally prepared for snow, cold, shoveling driveways, and ice.


I feel your pain. *smile* We’re in the path of a northeaster Sat. and Sun. too and I can’t bear the thought of looking out to see snow. We had snow yesterday but it melted so the ground is bare now. I’m with you in hoping that forecasters will be wrong.


I agree, the weather people can be annoyingly excited about rotten weather. They smile and even chuckle as they give us the bad news. (One reason why we do not have a tv.) And a snowstorm this time of year IS bad news. The trees are still in leaf and a wet, heavy snow causes many to bend and break with the burden.