We have noticed frog’s eggs in both of our ponds that look very different from the ones we’re used to seeing. All the eggs are in the same stage of development, but some are at least twice as large. The larger embryos are encased in their own perfectly round gelatinous sacs… each egg sac clearly defined with several grouped together like a bunch of grapes.

The eggs we usually have here are smaller… and there are loads of them this year too… but the sac around each embryo is not nearly as well defined. We have also noticed that the larger eggs are mostly resting on the surface of the water… the smaller egg masses are more submerged.

The tadpoles hatching from the larger eggs are going to be much, much bigger from day one. It will be interesting to see what type of frog they turn out to be.

Any ideas?

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I’m thinking bullfrog. I think their eggs are larger. Wait – I just did a search and they say bullfrog eggs are laid in June and in a 2-ft. sheet. Odd because we never have frogs eggs here or tadpoles after spring and I know the bullfrog tadpoles are huge. Sorry – I thought I had the answer.


I was going to suggest that it might be your cold temperatures but since you have the other smaller eggs as well that isn’t the answer. I would really be interested to know what the larger eggs might be. They look like you might be able to invidually pluck them off! I’m very familiar with tadpoles and frog’s eggs and the ones we have in our waters are just masses of jelly, not those cool individual eggs like in your picture.


This is totally off-topic but you know what those eggs made me think of first thing? Bubble wrap!!!

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

Mari, I was thinking bullfrogs too, and we do have bullfrogs here. We never have frog’s eggs or tadpoles after very early spring, so I wonder how that fits in with all the information out there that so many of the frogs and toads don’t lay their eggs until later in the summer. I think green frogs are another one that is supposed to lay eggs in May or June. I’m sure they don’t wait that long here.

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

David, that is exactly the way they look… like you could pull each egg off separately, like grapes. I wasn’t sure the photograph showed that.

And Kitt… now that you have mentioned it… :o)