I want to show you the new frog in our pond. We’ve never seen him before this year but now he seems to be always nearby… usually basking in the sun on a big rock or in the grass at the edge of the pond. He’s easily recognizable because this is a smiling frog.

Seriously… doesn’t that look like a smile?

And for those people who don’t see numerous frogs on a daily basis the way we do here… frogs do not usually look like they’re smiling broadly. See…?

Not smiling

Not smiling

Not smiling

Definitely not smiling

And… smiling

So what makes the smile? I think it’s mostly the curve of the mouth.

Whatever it is, this is one cute frog!

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I don’t know why he/she is smiling but I do know that a smile is infectious. I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at that face.

Maybe that is reason enough.


Yes! Yes! That is a definite smile. Love it!


Wow – you always make me think. I had always just assumed that all frogs of the same type look the same. I never thought that they could actually look distinctively different. Let me thank you for this wonderful blog. I’m a regular reader and always find something interesting and thought provoking here.


We have a pond and a few frogs. Now you’ve got me looking to see if we have any smilers. Haven’t found any yet. Great blog btw.


Those are some wonderful shots. I really enjoy your blog and the outstanding photographs. I envy you. Wish I could live in a place so beautiful. My dream is to get to the country. Right now I’m living 6 stories up. Your blog is an inspiration for my dreams.

Shirley D.

Isn’t it amazing how all creatures are unique even in the same species? Last month I stopped by to visit a shut-in and paused at her flower bed to look at a toad. When home searched the internet for the toad. Was surprised to learn that it is a common toad in our area and no two are alike in the same group.
On a silly note maybe he was someone’s prince and needed a kiss.
Have a good day.