I think I have to conclude that my mother was tired of hearing me complain about the pot holders I had been using. Somehow every pot holder I owned had suddenly become so worn I was burning my fingers every time I handled anything hot. I had intended to make some new holders myself, but that had not yet happened. Then came the morning I made sticky buns and got a terrible burn on two fingers when some of the super-hot topping soaked through the holder I was using.

The next day my mother handed me a small bulky package. I opened it to find these six holders she had made for me. They are a larger than usual size… exactly the size I prefer… and they are heavily padded, soft, and flexible, so they’re a joy to use. And they’re made of such pretty fabric.

My mother seemed surprised that I was so pleased over what she said was such a simple thing, but her loving thoughtfulness really made my day.

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Talk to me! :o)



Yes, they are! True story: i almost forgot my mom’s bday yesterday. But I made the call and sent something. She didn’t even mention that I called late. She was just so happy I called.



Thank you for the reminder. My Mom doesn’t know it but because of your blog and this post I’m taking her out to dinner tonight. I love your insight. You have a real feel for words.


What a thoughtful gift.


Such a wonderful gift. I have been crocheting dishclothes for friends and family. Alot of whom I know do not have time to make them. I hope that they are as appreciative as you.


Moms are the best. My mom recently made me two new outfits. She knows that working full time and having a toddler really reduces the time I have available to make myself some new clothes, so she thought she would help me out a bit. I feel so loved and supported.