I grow the single variety hollyhocks because I used to have problems with the plants living through our sometimes forty below zero winter temperatures. Then I read somewhere that the single types are hardier than the doubles, and some years ago I planted one packet of single hollyhock seeds and have had no problems with overwintering hollyhocks since. Sometimes I collect and scatter a few of the dried seeds, but mostly my hollyhocks re-seed themselves.

I love my hollyhocks! Especially when most of the other plants in the garden have shut down and are getting ready for the long winter ahead, and the hollyhock stalks are still full of blooms.

I love the simplicity of the flowers and especially the way the colors and flower types change each year… here are just a few of this year’s blooms.

And finally, because I can’t resist taking pictures of the bees, here is someone who enjoys the hollyhocks as much as I do!

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Talk to me! :o)



What can I say?!? These are gorgeous! I never knew hollyhocks could be this beautiful!!


Is it hard to grow these? They’re so pretty but I’m not an expert like you when it comes to the garden.

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

Andi, I’m no expert either… I just really enjoy my gardens and growing things! Hollyhocks are actually extremely easy to grow if you give them good soil and sunlight. I have found that they can be a little fussy about locations, and they don’t grow equally well for me everywhere I have planted them. Enough sunlight seems to be really important.


Loved looking through your blog; the pictures are gorgeous, and I found some great ideas.


I was originally from Western Mass and now living in Florida. Your blog was a lovely reminder of all the beauty in that area at this time of the year – Thanks!


Beautiful pictures! I hope I have a garden one day… (besides the potted plant sitting on my cement “deck.” I miss fall and it does me good to at least see pictures of trees changing color!

ellen b

what’s not to love? Beautiful.


gorgeous!! Now that is something to be proud of!

Sandy C.

These are gorgeous. I’d love ’em too!


what a beautiful flower. nice bee.


Holli-hocks! What a bee-u-tiful flower! LOL
Sorry, I couldn’t help it… [grin]

Jams O.

I love Hollyhocks. Sadly ours have finished flowering for the year.


that`s a lot of nice photos. the flowers look really beautiful.


Love your pics. Really lovely hollies! And you are growing lots of variants. Your garden must really be so beautiful.


I’m loving them too! And your bee.


What a treat! This is my all time favorite flower/ plant!

I feel so blessed to have found your blog, I cant wait to peruse through a bit and enjoy your garden! :-)

Jennifer P.

Did you take the picture with the bee on the flower? It is beautiful!!


What a beautiful array of photos. You’ve got quite the green thumb it seems. :)


Stunning in every way!


What a great collection of Hollyhocks, a few of the varieties are really amazing. They are a classic flower that always remind of the cottage garden.


wow pretty flowers…


Wow. I want some of those!


ahhhh yes some of my favs and the bees too


Wow-those are amazing! The picture of the bee is so beautiful, I wish I had a copy of it to hang in my office…just gorgeous.

Brenda M.

I love your hollyhocks, we had them as a child and for years I’ve tried to grow them with no luck…what is the secret?

Pat P.

Your hollyhocks are beautiful. My grandma grew these years ago and I always loved them. The one side of her house as I remember as a child was just a colorful array because of these flowers. Thank you for sharing.