“The years teach much
Which the days never know.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Great picture. I love forget-me-nots.


So true! I’m in my 70s now and I understand things I never did in my younger years. It’s a shame we can’t live our lives backwards and have the maturity compassion and wisdom that we gain with the years when we are younger. I have never commented before but I enjoy your writings so very very much. Lovely pictures here too.

Peggy H.

What a clever pairing – forget me nots with that quotation. Your blog is full of worthwhile things to read and beautiful photographs to look at. I often come here when I am feeling down and in need of some inspiration and your writing never fails to meet the need. Thank you. We have never met and probably never will but I consider you as my friend.


Ralph Waldo Emerson is a favourite of mine and I especially like this quote and photo together. Your blog is always an inspiration to me.