I have to admit, it looks like I do!

I have a lot of buttons. Many are new, but the majority are buttons I have removed over the years from clothing that is no longer wearable for some reason. Some of the buttons were given to me… and some, including a handful of tiny black shoe buttons… are really old.

Until recently all of my buttons were jumbled together in three large recycled glass jars. When I needed a button, I had to dump out the jars and sort through all the buttons. Usually I couldn’t find the button color I was looking for or as many buttons as I needed for a particular project. And it was worse if I was in any kind of a hurry.

Things are so different now.

My current spare time project is organizing my sewing supplies. For the first time ever, I have enough storage space… the beautiful tall cabinets we made provide plenty of room for anything and everything sewing related. And I’m organizing like crazy!

One of my first organizing projects was the buttons. It took a while (and some patience), but now all of my buttons are stored in transparent compartmented storage boxes that stack neatly in a small area on one of the cabinet’s shelves. The buttons are sorted according to color and size (or age).

I suppose stringing identical buttons on individual wires would be taking this being organized thing a bit too far… :o)

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Oh my that is one impressive collection of buttons. They are so pretty too!


I sew quite a bit and the price of buttons is often a major part of the expense of a garment. The last buttons I bought were for a dress for my daughter. I needed six buttons and I had to buy 8. They were just ordinary buttons but large enough so they ended up costing nearly $10 for the lot. I wish I could have shopped from your collection. Certainly the choice would have been better. Smart idea to save buttons like you do.

Whitney J

Today I started my own button collection. I was throwing out some clothes I no longer want and after I read this post I looked at the buttons and realized they look like new. I snipped them off and now have a start on another project. Another great idea – thank you.

Cynthia F.

My mom collected buttons….they were never organized but boy did I have fun rummaging through them throughout my childhood. It was always so special to be allowed into her closet where she stored her most precious (to her, not very much monetary value) treasures. I would through her old cookie tins full of buttons for what seemed like hours.

Now she’s moved on to meet her heavenly father and I am here collecting buttons. I have never learned to sew on a machine and rarely actually use buttons….they’re just nostalgic and fun to have around. Through my purging I’ll release some of my nostalgic yard sale/flea market finds back into circulation but I doubt the buttons will be one of them.

Thanks for the great idea on sorting though…I have some beads who could use some compartments to live in.


I love your collection. Used to have one but lost everything due to losing my home. It stinks to have to start over. So, I’m enjoying yours. Thanks for shsring.

Rusty S.

My mother had several jars of buttons that she let me string on odd colors of thread she didn’t plan to use. I remember having great fun doing this for hours on end… Happy memories. What lovely colors & styles you’ve gathered.