How can you tell if a frog is male or female? Look at the ear circles and the color of the throat!

If the ear circle is larger than the eye and the throat is a creamy yellow, the frog is a male. (This frog has a dorsolateral ridge running along its back, which identifies it as a frog, not a bullfrog.)

Male frog

If the ear circle is the same size or smaller than the eye and the throat is white, the frog is a female. (The lack of a dorsolateral ridge running along the back identifies this frog as a bullfrog.)

Female bullfrog

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Angela K.

Haven’t seen frogs in over a year, since moving away from the south…


I had no idea you could tell if a frog was male or female just by looking at them. Thanks for the information. I always learn something new here and enjoy myself in the process. Great blog, keep up the good work!

Karen and Brian

My 10year old had to do a science class paper on amphibians. He used this post as his idea and drew diagrams of male and female frogs showing how to tell them apart. He got an A+ for his efforts and he wanted me to tell you thank you from him. His name is Brian.

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

Brian, congratulations on the A+… and thanks to both you and your mother for sending me the email copy of your science paper. Good job!


I have bull frogs in my fish pond, don’t know were they came from but they have been here for years. love to here them at night.