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Hosta ‘Lancifolia’

Hosta Lancifolia is an old and very common hosta. Some sources say it was the first hosta ever grown in this country. The medium green, lance-shaped leaves arch to form dense mounds of foliage, and for me the shape of the mound is this hosta’s most attractive feature.

Hosta ‘Tattoo’

Hosta ‘Tattoo’ is supposedly a very difficult hosta to grow, and many never make it through their first winter.

Hosta ‘Shade Fanfare’

Hosta ‘Shade Fanfare’ has light to medium green leaves, with wide margins that start out as yellow in the spring and change to creamy white. Shade Fanfare hostas have very tall scapes, funnel-shaped light lavender flowers, and produce lots of seed pods.

Hosta ‘Northern Exposure’

A mature Northern Exposure is a very large hosta… measuring around three feet high and five or six feet across, or more. The flowers are a light lavender and the leaves are thick with a puckered texture… very large (12 inches) and broad and heart-shaped.

Hosta ‘Twilight’

Hosta Twilight is a sport of Fortunei Aureomarginata and has dark green leaves with wide, creamy to yellow, wavy margins. The leaves are round and thick, somewhat shiny, and very slug-resistant.

Hosta ‘Tokudama Aureonebulosa’

The Tokudama Aureonebulosa hosta has chartreuse leaves and wide, blue-green margins. In sunnier areas, the chartreuse becomes more golden. The thick leaves are cupped and very corrugated.

Hosta ‘Christmas Tree’

Hosta ‘Christmas Tree’ has broad, rounded, dark green leaves that are somewhat corrugated. The leaves have a narrow margin that starts out yellow in the spring and quickly changes to cream. Sometimes the center of the leaves will also have a streak of the margin color.

Hosta ‘Ground Master’

Hosta ‘Ground Master’ has medium to dark green leaves that have wide yellow margins in spring and white margins in summer. The margins are wavy, and the leaves are long and narrow, with a slightly shiny underside.

Hosta ‘So Sweet’

Hosta ‘So Sweet’ was chosen as the very first Hosta of the Year in 1996. This hosta has medium to dark green leaves and wavy, creamy margins. The leaves are smooth, of medium thickness, and shiny, becoming broader as the hosta matures.

Hosta ‘Queen Josephine’

Hosta ‘Queen Josephine’ was a surprise gift from one of my sons about two years ago. He often searches for hostas I have mentioned, and Queen Josephine was one of the hostas I had been unable to find anywhere locally.