Hosta Lancifolia is an old and very common hosta. Some sources say it was the first hosta ever grown in this country. The medium green, lance-shaped leaves arch to form dense mounds of foliage, and for me the shape of the mound is this hosta’s most attractive feature. Although Lancifolia is an extremely easy hosta to grow, the leaves are thin and slugs can be a huge problem. This is one hosta that seems to thrive in almost any growing condition, although I have noticed that the leaves become a darker green in shade.

All of my Lancifolias are several years old and average around 44 inches in diameter… these older plants are much larger than the size standard for this hosta.

9 inches long
4 1/2 inches wide
medium green
somewhat shiny
8 vein pairs

dark purple
blooms mid to late August
35-inch high scapes

Mound Size:
12 inches high
30 to 32 inches wide