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Produce, E. Coli, Bacteria, and You

Have you ever wondered why the experts giving advice on a specific subject can’t all agree? In the case of a procedure like how to wash produce, you would think there would be a right way and a wrong way, or at least that all the recommendations would follow along the same l

The Lifespan of Appliances

I have been inspired to dig out that electric company newsletter again to look up the lifespan of dryers… we’ll let this one die a natural death, but it looks like maybe it’s time to start thinking about shopping for a new one.

“Recipe” for Homemade Powdered Sugar

I had “recipes” for what they called “two easy methods” for making powdered sugar out of granulated sugar… one using a food processor and the other using a blender. I decided to try the food processor method first…

An Easier Way To Clean Oven Racks

Cleaning oven racks can be a lengthy, miserable job… messy, too, if you use oven cleaners, ammonia, or even steel wool pads. However, there is another EASY way to get oven racks sparkling clean that takes almost no effort at all.

Common Sense, Good Hygiene… and the Flu

Have you been reading the guidelines given out by the government and all the health organizations about how to slow down the spread of the flu virus? These guidelines tell us to…

Are Your Hands Clean Enough?

Health officials say the average person has up to ten million bacteria on each hand at any given time and advise hand washing as one of the best means of protecting against staph and other bacteria.

Cleaning With Vinegar

White vinegar is a wonderful thing. It removes calcium and lime deposits, odors from plastic, discolorations, and stains, and it is a great cleanser for almost everything except marble surfaces…

Freezing Raw Tomatoes?

Reader question… “Is it really possible to freeze whole raw tomatoes for winter salads and have them be almost like fresh? I keep seeing instructions for doing this but the tomatoes I froze raw and whole last year were a watery mess after they were defrosted…”

How Long Should Food Be Left in the Freezer?

The experts tell us that as long as food is kept frozen at 0°F (-18°C), it is safe to eat indefinitely. What that food will taste like after being frozen for long periods of time is another matter entirely…

Hanging Bags of Water… Do They Really Keep Flies Away?

In a book I was reading recently, one of the main characters was hosting an outdoor party… and his preparations for this party included matter-of-factly filling clear plastic bags with water and hanging them from low tree branches.