The snow has just started here… not much has accumulated yet, but it’s coming down really, really hard. The weather service is issuing warnings…

“Intensifying low pressure will bring significant snowfall to the region during today and tomorrow. Snow will begin this morning, becoming heavier by afternoon. Heavy snow will continue throughout the day and overnight. New snow accumulation in excess of twenty-four inches. Sleet and freezing rain likely tomorrow night.”

And more snow in some form is predicted for every day this week.

See the open area in this photo? One little spot in the center near the trees at the top was starting to get close to being bare ground. The sun hits that spot all day long and there… in just that one tiny place… the snow had melted down so it was only a couple of inches deep. It was our first real sign of spring, and I’m so ready for spring. I’ve been watching and waiting, thinking I would see a patch of bare ground there in just a few more days… I guess now that won’t happen for a while.

About an hour into the storm

We need some warmth here! We’ve had a couple of “heat waves” where temperatures got up to around 36°F, but most of the time temperatures have been closer to zero or below. It has, in fact, remained so cold that sugaring season hasn’t even started yet. People around here are speculating that this year there may not be one.

Of course we all know that eventually it WILL warm up… and that eventually it WILL stop snowing.

Won’t it?

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Kenyon J.

Same here. Another humongous snowstorm and our snowblower broke about 4 snowstorms ago. You say you’re ready for spring. I am so tired of shoveling and being cold all the time. Our heating bill is nearly triple what we usually pay. I keep asking my wife why do we live here again? Usually I have all the answers but this year I’m not so sure.


Would it be cruel if I told you we had temps near 80 yesterday and our grass is green and needs mowed already? I’ve been thinking gardens and loving being outdoors again. You poor people – I wish I could say I feel your pain but honestly I can’t! Sorry – I couldn’t resist – but I’ll send wishes for warmth and a cessation of the snow your way. Love your blog.


This has been the longest winter I can ever remember. Cold. Cold. Cold. Snow. Snow. Snow. Since November. I am SO ready for spring…


Coastal Maine here. As I type this, it is snowing. Big, fat, wet flakes that MAY turn into rain but the temperature is so low, I doubt it. I just got 90 pounds of birdseed by UPS yesterday. I tried some new blends and the birds love it! I am amazed by their ability to stick out such a long, cold winter. If they can do it, without heat and all the comforts of warm weather, I guess we can, too. And a male cardinal against the white snow is a beautiful sight to behold!
At my age I can’t afford to complain about the weather but just take each day as it comes and thank God for it.


Please don’t forget that the snowy winter is what gives you those beautiful gardens and flowers that we in the southeast cannot enjoy! i would love to have some of the plants you feature, but it is just too hot and humid here. i know i don’t need to tell you to count your blessings, you do it every time you post a new blog! Thanks for sharing!