I woke up this morning with the immediate thought of how happy I was that today is Friday. We’ve had a rough week around here. Actually, most of this month has been rough… my husband was seriously ill for the first nearly three weeks… and although he is feeling better now, because of his illness and other “things,” our life has been more or less turned around and upside down for weeks. I think we’re all ready to leave this week and this month behind and look forward to a less intense time.


And yes… I do know — NOW — that today is not Friday after all… but I didn’t realize that until just about an hour ago when I was starting to wrap up our business work for the weekend and I actually looked at today’s date on the calender. It was somewhat of a rude awakening to see that there is still a day to go before this business week will end… and that today is actually Thursday instead of the Friday I thought it was.

So I guess we’ve gained a day, and we have decided to enjoy it. We’re going to indulge ourselves, take the day off, and pretend that it really is Friday after all. After days and days of almost constant rain, the weather is too beautiful today to stay inside and work. We’ll be heading out in a few minutes to go to pick some blueberries.

I’ll be back for tomorrow’s post, but in the meantime, have a great weekend everybody! :o)