This is our squirrel-proof bird feeder. We built it out of recycled wood, plastic roofing, and screws, so it didn’t cost us a penny… and it is the best bird feeder we have ever had.

Now we can put food out for the birds and know the birds are actually going to get it. All the other “squirrel-proof” feeders and squirrel guards we have purchased have always failed miserably at keeping the squirrels away. I wouldn’t even mind if the squirrels would eat the food and leave, but these squirrels ruin any feeder they get into. The last straw was finding the new redwood feeders we had been given as a gift lying on the ground chewed beyond repair.

We have had this homemade feeder up for three months now, and the squirrels still have not managed to get into the feeding tray. They keep trying, but the screws that hold the plastic onto the feeding tray are so close together they can’t squeeze through, and the plastic is too slippery for the squirrels to climb… so they keep climbing the pole and trying to figure out how to get to the food, and when they find they can’t do it, they go back down the pole and eat the seeds and corn we have left for them on the ground.

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My husband has been going crazy trying to outwit the black squirrels in our yard. I think we have created some Olympic- caliber athletes by the ever increasing challenges he presents them with. This just might work if we can keep it away from overhanging eaves and tree branches. Putting it away from the house makes for a very chilly re-stocking!


What a great idea. We have three “Regular” squirrels that like to empty out my birdfeeders as soon as I fill them up. They will take the sunflower seeds and leave everything else on the ground.

Drives me crazy….The birds will not come around anymore.


I saw a video on tv that showed the ingenuity of the squirrels trying to get into bird feeders. They succeed every time. You might want to market your bird feeder since it works. :)


Now, if you could only tell me how to keep squirels from eating all the peaches off a peach tree before you can get any…….. pretty please.


Squirrels: At our house we call them tree rats.

My husband solved our problem with them with some stovepipe wrapped around the base of the feeder… five feet high! It is slippery and the squirrels can’t get a grip. I was so tired of replacing our feeders.
It has been up 3 years and narry a tree rat has yet to climb it.