There was a package in our mailbox today and it was the best kind of surprise. When I saw the return address, I guessed (hoped) what might be inside… the package was from a long time reader who loves plants, gardening… and especially sempervivums… as much as I do. She has generously sent me hens and chicks several times before.

I followed the instructions to read the note first… this was, the note said, a “deliberately delayed” birthday gift.

Under the note there were fourteen small white paper bags folded over and taped at the top.

Inside each bag was a beautiful quarter-size sempervivum, the size we both call “nubbins.”

Some were bareroot and some had just been removed from the mother plant, and ALL were in perfect condition even after their very long travel time.

Although I have a LOT of sempervivums, I am almost positive that I don’t have any that look exactly like any of these fourteen.

Here they are, all settled in their new home.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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Yes they are lovely. I especially like the fuzzy hairy ones. I had no idea that sempervivums had such variety until I found your site.


You lucky lady!!!!! All I got for mail today was bills. (grin)


I love that word ‘nubbins’. What a perfect description for the round and fat little babies. I have a small collection of sempervivums (we call them houseleeks) but nothing like what I see here. Your photographs are awesome and I love your blog.