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How To Teach a Bird To Talk

Several people have written to ask if I would share the techniques I used for teaching our yellow-headed Amazon parrot to talk.

Will the Squeaking Wheel Finally Get Some Grease?

I have written before about the trouble we have with our telephone line whenever it rains or the weather is damp or humid. The problem always starts with crackling and static which eventually become so loud they drown out the dial tone…

The Vet, the Economy & Our Ferocious Dog

We have two dogs, and because of the differences in their ages we schedule their exams and vaccines separately. Last week it was the younger dog’s turn, so we made an appointment for her at the veterinary hospital with our usual vet.

Life is Getting Back to Normal

We are having a WONDERFUL day! The temperature continues to rise and has registered above freezing for several hours now. The trees are starting to look like trees again as the ice melts and the trees straighten up. We even have electricity! Life is getting back to normal.

It Was a Very Long Night

It was a very long night. And it has been a very long day. Our immediate area and most of New England has been hit hard with snow that changed over to freezing rain during the night.

Frugality for the Birds?

Apparently not this year! If the prices we have been seeing are any indication, keeping the bird feeders filled is going to be an expensive proposition.

Tomatoes From My Garden On Christmas Day

Last year on Christmas Day we actually ate fresh tomatoes we had picked from our garden. Our garden was under several feet of snow at the time and the temperatures outside had stayed below freezing for days…

A Mother’s Thoughtfulness

I think I have to conclude that my mother was tired of hearing me complain about the pot holders I had been using. Somehow every pot holder I owned had suddenly become so worn I was burning my fingers every time I handled anything hot.

Farewell, Old House

I love this old house. It was for sale, and for a while we were even thinking (half seriously) about buying it and making it beautiful again… I took this picture then.