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A Logical Explanation?

Have you ever had anything really weird happen that didn’t seem to have a logical explanation? I had an experience like that last summer.

We Are Stranded

People around here are accustomed to coping with mud season and the muddy roads and deep ruts that are a part of every spring. Usually mud season is just an expected springtime inconvenience… but this year it has suddenly become much more unpleasant.

All Things Confusion

The weather people insist that we’ve received the usual amount of snow this winter, and possibly even a bit more than usual, but the temperatures have been so warm each snowfall has melted within hours or days, and we’ve gone through much of this winter with bare ground…

Some Things My Statistics Tell Me About You

Some things my statistics tell me about you… You visited Choosing Voluntary Simplicity from 166 countries all over the world… from Riga, Latvia to Chisinau, Moldova to Sao Paulo, Brazil to Reykjavik, Iceland to Pretoria, South Africa.

I’m Hoping They’re Wrong

It snowed last night. And if this morning’s severe weather alerts are correct, there’s a good-sized nor’easter coming our way.

Upgrades, Databases, Error Messages & Murphy’s Law

Choosing Voluntary Simplicity has always run under WordPress with a version 4 MySQL database… unfortunately, all the newer upgrades to WordPress require a version 5 MySQL database.

For One of Us It Is a Totally Relaxing Experience

This is our brown Nigerian dwarf goat. It’s very difficult to get pictures of her because she always wants to come too close to the person holding the camera. She is a “people goat,” you see, and very affectionate. She thinks she is a lap dog.

Why We Chose Voluntary Simplicity — Sometimes There Is No Tomorrow

Twenty-six years ago we were still spending most of our time at work running a thriving business we had created. Financially everything was great…

One Year Ago Today…

On this day last year, all the snow was long gone and mud season was over. Hosta and bleeding heart shoots were two or three inches tall. There were frogs’ eggs in the ponds and the grass was already green. It was a very early spring. Things are very different this year.

After the Storm — Day 3

The weather people were predicting twelve to fourteen inches of snow, but here Sunday started with above freezing temperatures and a hard steady rain.