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Reactions, Recalls, and a Red Fox Move

We took the youngest of our little dogs to the vet early last week for her routine distemper vaccination. This dog really dislikes the vet. When she was a tiny puppy, the vet had to perform a series of painful procedures that the vet says the dog has never forgotten.

But I Think an Intangible Something Has Been Lost

When I was a very young child, my parents “sugared” every spring. We spent many long hours wading through the deep snow to gather the sap, and even more long hours huddled around the fire waiting while the sap boiled. It was a lot of work…

It’s So Cold Out There!

Suddenly it feels like winter. After a relatively warm fall, we’re now into cold, windy days and temperatures that almost never rise above freezing. It’s great soup weather…

About This Blog (And About Me) FAQ

I sometimes think that Choosing Voluntary Simplicity started itself… beginning with the drastic lifestyle change we made about twenty-five years ago.

What Happened When The Town Clerk Made A Mistake

We finally have an inspection sticker on our new (to us) car.

Our Uninvited Midnight Visitor

Last night just after midnight we heard a terrific crash outside, followed by more sounds of wood breaking. The noise was coming from one side of the house, so we ran into the dining room and looked out the window on that side.

The Mystery Of Duck Duck Goose

The first time we ever saw Duck Duck Goose, it was late November and she was walking up the path to our house. This rather odd sight especially caught our attention because nobody for miles around had ducks and we knew she couldn’t have just wandered in.

I’m So Glad Today Is Friday

I woke up this morning with the immediate thought of how happy I was that today is Friday. We’ve had a rough week around here… our life has been more or less turned around and upside down for weeks.

Childhood Memories

I had intended to take photographs of the rhododendrons. All of them were especially lush and beautiful this year, but the largest… a nearly six foot high bush near the back porch… was just spectacular.

The Beginning of the End of This Temporary Chaos

Our house is a little disorganized right now. The dining room table and three chairs are in the living room. The rest of the chairs are lined up against the wall in the hall.