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When Should You Get Involved?

I once spent several uncomfortable minutes in a grocery store watching a young mother with her small child. The woman was nicely dressed, probably in her middle twenties.

“Do Not Eat Raw Flour, Dough or Batter”

Have you noticed the “Do not eat raw flour, dough or batter” warnings on the bags of flour you buy? Apparently this warning has been around for a while, but I had never noticed it until a few days ago when we bought a new bag.

At Least We Haven’t Had an Earthquake Lately…

Friday’s all-day snowstorm left fifteen inches of new snow. Saturday’s “flurries” left an additional three inches. Last night’s “chance of snow” left two inches.

It’s The Simple Things That Count

I spent more than three months one year in an enforced almost immobile position because of complications from a back injury.

Change Happens Really Fast Sometimes

My washer and dryer went out with a bang yesterday. LITERALLY. The washer had just begun a spin cycle when suddenly there was a loud explosive sound inside the machine, followed by a strong smell of burning electronics.

Too Many Crackers Too Late At Night

I am a morning person. Saying I am not at my best or most productive at the other end of the day is more than an understatement.

Please… Not Just Yet!

I’m really glad that tomorrow’s temperatures are supposed to be in the low sixties, so the snow (hopefully) will melt. And yes, I know winter and snow are coming… but please…

Our Absolutely Amazing Fall

It was a strange summer. This was the year when New England gardeners learned that no amount of expertise or hard work could overcome the weeks of constant rain and too cool temperatures that began in early June and continued on until the end of August.

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got the Buttons?

Usually I couldn’t find the button color I was looking for or as many buttons as I needed for a particular project. And it was worse if I was in any kind of a hurry.

A Credit for the Inconvenience Caused by this Order

Did the credit for “the inconvenience caused by this order” (their description) compensate for all the inconvenience this order caused? We don’t think so…