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14 Things Unique To Me

This list is in response to a meme asking for a list of ten things that would help people know me better. I’m an over-achiever, :o) so after some soul searching, here are fourteen facts unique to me.

It WILL Stop Snowing… Won’t It?

The snow has just started here… not much has accumulated yet, but it’s coming down really, really hard. The weather service is issuing warnings…

Change Happens Really Fast Sometimes

My washer and dryer went out with a bang yesterday. LITERALLY. The washer had just begun a spin cycle when suddenly there was a loud explosive sound inside the machine, followed by a strong smell of burning electronics.

Our Absolutely Amazing Fall

It was a strange summer. This was the year when New England gardeners learned that no amount of expertise or hard work could overcome the weeks of constant rain and too cool temperatures that began in early June and continued on until the end of August.

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got the Buttons?

Usually I couldn’t find the button color I was looking for or as many buttons as I needed for a particular project. And it was worse if I was in any kind of a hurry.

Not Exactly What I Had Planned To Do Today…

It continues to rain almost every day. Our meadow garden is WET… standing water wet… and the cucumbers and squash are producing like crazy.

A Credit for the Inconvenience Caused by this Order

Did the credit for “the inconvenience caused by this order” (their description) compensate for all the inconvenience this order caused? We don’t think so…

I Hope She Didn’t Try To Eat Them…

I was clearing leaves and winter debris out of one of the hosta beds when I heard a car stop in the road just slightly past our house. A woman got out of the car and quickly walked to a flower garden I have created at the edge of our lawn.

Reactions, Recalls, and a Red Fox Move

We took the youngest of our little dogs to the vet early last week for her routine distemper vaccination. This dog really dislikes the vet. When she was a tiny puppy, the vet had to perform a series of painful procedures that the vet says the dog has never forgotten.

About This Blog (And About Me) FAQ

I sometimes think that Choosing Voluntary Simplicity started itself… beginning with the drastic lifestyle change we made about twenty-five years ago.