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A Little Too Close For Comfort

This year a huge patch of wild blackberries has grown up just a few feet from one end of our vegetable garden. These dense bushes, which cover a radius of twenty or so feet, are almost as tall as I am and they are just loaded with huge, beautiful berries…

There Was a Slight Problem With Yesterday’s Mail Delivery

I opened our mailbox yesterday to find a huge stack of mail. Right on top was an official-looking letter from the area high school marked “Personal Correspondence — Parental Response Required.”

Involuntary Tunnel Vision?

The weather people are warning that there is another severe snow storm headed our way. They get a little giddy with their forecasts sometimes…

Vintage Hazel Atlas Jam Jars — Strawberry, Pineapple & Apple

Hazel Atlas jam jars were part of a promotion used to advertise the new Kix cereal in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. I have found magazine and newspaper ads… also radio commercials…

It Has Been Quite a Morning

It has been quite a morning. We woke up sometime after four a.m. to an unnaturally cold house because one of our two furnaces had stopped working. It took nearly two hours to fix that problem. Then we discovered that some of the water pipes had frozen overnight.

Everyone Agreed It Was Past Time For a Rest

Our waking hours have been filled to the brim these last several months. There has been the usual garden and yard work, the usual housework and meals, and the usual number of hours spent on the work that brings in our income…

14 Things Unique To Me

This list is in response to a meme asking for a list of ten things that would help people know me better. I’m an over-achiever, :o) so after some soul searching, here are fourteen facts unique to me.

And That Won’t Be Fun Either

We’ve just finished with four days and five nights of almost constant rain… and almost constant warnings of approaching severe thunderstorms. I don’t remember anything like this ever happening here before, and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. It was not fun.

It WILL Stop Snowing… Won’t It?

The snow has just started here… not much has accumulated yet, but it’s coming down really, really hard. The weather service is issuing warnings…

When Should You Get Involved?

I once spent several uncomfortable minutes in a grocery store watching a young mother with her small child. The woman was nicely dressed, probably in her middle twenties.