Hosta ‘June’ is a gold-centered tissue-cultured sport of Halcyon. This is another hosta that normally shows a color change, with the gold color getting lighter as summer progresses. There are two forms of this hosta that are being sold, with one having a much lighter-colored leaf center than the other, and there is some debate about which type is the “correct” June. June forms a dense mound of foliage and has thick leaves that get broader as the hosta ages. The leaves are smooth with little corrugation.

A mature June forms many seed pods. Mine is still a very young plant and last year it produced only one seed pod and only one viable seed. However, that one hosta seed resulted in a very miniature and thriving seedling that is the exact color of the center gold in my June’s leaves. June was 2001 Hosta of the Year.

6 inches long
4 inches wide
1/8 to 3/4-inch wide
blue-green margin
11 to 12 vein pairs

late July to mid-August

pale blueish lavender

24 inches high

Mound size:
37 inches in diameter
16 inches high

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June is a beautiful Hosta. I bought one this year and it is just a Tissue Culture so it is very tiny still but I have hopes of it someday looking like your photo’s. I love the blue and the lime-green combination of this Hosta. Your photo’s are very nice!

Mrs. P.

I wonder how old this hosta has to be before it starts forming seed pods. I have had mine for at least 5 years, I think, and it flowers but so far no seed pods. It’s funny but most of my hostas don’t make seed pods. I wonder if it could be something about the growing conditions although the hostas look good. Your hosta information and pictures are a wonderful resource. I hope you will continue to add more hostas.


I have picked seed pods off this one but have never had any of the seeds germinate. I wonder if they were mature enough because they weren’t as black as your photos. I saved some seed pods from this year’s growth and plan to plant some of those around January. I’m excited to see what if anything I get.