These violets are almost hidden in the tall grass of our meadow… it would be so easy to walk past and see them only as patches of color.

It takes a closer look to really appreciate the spectacular markings and the simple beauty of this tiny flower.

A lot of life is like that.

We’re often so busy looking for something “more”… something bigger… something better… and sometimes we don’t stop and appreciate what we already have.

Learn to cherish the simple things and the ordinariness of your everyday life.

Slow down… take the time to really LOOK, really LISTEN, and really APPRECIATE.

You will not regret making the time to take that closer look.

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I couldn’t agree more! And coincidentally, I have also been photographing some of the various wild violets here – after just one here and there over the past week, they are now really starting to bloom :)


As always, your words inspire me. Your writings are a continual inspiration to me and give me so much needed support. I enjoy your blog immensely and I thank you for all the work you put into it. I hope you write this blog for a long time.

Adam C.

I don’t know how you did it, but this post is exactly what I needed right now. I have a lot of things going on in my life that are dragging me down, but until I read this post, I was forgetting that I have a lot of things in my life that are bringing me up too. I was so focussed on the negative that I wasn’t seeing the positive right in front of me. Thank you for helping me set my priorities straight. This is one of the reasons I enjoy this blog and read it regularly.


I find encouragement in your blog’s very practical ideas. I have long realized that there is no point chasing after the wind. But, I am scared of stopping and cutting back and getting left behind. Your blog has given me the right perspective of appreciating the so many things I now have and enjoy them. Thank you and keep it up!


Gorgeous photographs! And so many beautiful colors! I have white violets and didn’t realize there was such a variety.

Barb S.

I adore violets! They’ve always been one of my favorite spring blooms!


I absolutely love this site and all the tips. I haven’t read anything I don’t totally agree with and have picked up so many useful ideas. I intend to trawl through ALL the tips over time. Thank you!