Here’s an interesting fact about bumblebees and pollen.

It seems that when bumblebees fly, their bodies build up a static electrical charge. Flowers are well-grounded (imagine that!), so when the bee lands on the flower, the pollen is electrically attracted to the fuzzy hair of the bee.

With all the pollen visible on this bee, there couldn’t have been much left in that hollyhock flower!

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Interesting info about the pollen and electricity. I didn’t know that! And that’s an absolutely fantastic photo.

Mary O.

Wonderful photo!!! I’ve seen your other bee photographs and you sure have a talent for getting a great shot. You must be a very patient–and brave–person. I liked the facts about the pollen, too. Thanks for sharing!


Look at the detail in that wing! Amazing shot. And now I know why pollen sticks to bees (I always thought it just got rubbed into their fur). Thanks again for another wonderful nature shot!

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

I thought that about the electricity and pollen was interesting, too, and I suppose it makes sense that flowers are well-grounded… although that bit of information amazes me.

Sandy C.

That’s a great photo, and great info to boot! Thanks.

Jams O.

Now I think of it, it shouldn’t be a big surprise but I never thought of it. Great shot.


Well, I didn’t know this and what a great picture depicting your explanation. :)


That is a great photo


Hmmm, that’s interesting to know about the static electricity – I’ve never heard that before.


Wow – great photo!!


very simple and beautiful!!


Looks like someone is hungry;)


wow… i had no idea that’s how the bees retrieved the pollen. and how amazing that you captured that image!

honey bees have actually been disappearing in the last couple of years. whole colonies have gone missing. hopefully this is not a trend…..


Great shot!

Nap W.

Great photo, and I did not know that!


Great picture


I love photographing bumblebees! They are so wonderful to work with…they don’t seem to get too upset by humans. Thank you for the wonderful lesson, as well! Great photo!!!


That is just a stunning photo! Love it:)
Mine’s up too!


One of the best “nature” shots I found this afternoon!


Excellent shot. I love the close-up nature shots.


Great photo. :-)


That’s a difficult shot to pull off!

Angela K.

Great perspective!