Apparently my expectations WERE too high. I wanted a telephone that would “work” even when the weather was damp and on days when it rains or snows. And I was hoping for enough of a reduction in the static and other noises on the line so a conversation could actually be possible.

This morning I tried again to call the company to complain about the horrible noises on our telephone line. The representative asked if I could call her back from another telephone because the connection I was using was terrible. I told her no, I could not, and this is the problem. We have a cell phone but no cell phone coverage where we live. Our land line is all we have at home, and her telephone company is the only one who services this area.

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis)

For over six years now, everyone we have spoken to from this company… and this includes the area district manager, supervisors, repairmen, and the various people who handle the complaints… has agreed that our telephone line is in a deplorable and unacceptable condition. They have continually promised that the line will be repaired or replaced within a month, a week, and once they even guaranteed we would have a new line within two days. And nothing has ever been authorized except what the repairmen disgustedly call “band-aid fixes for a gaping wound.”

I think we need to accept that nothing is going to change any time soon. The company is under new management, and the top executives have decided that our wants are unreasonable after all. This morning the representative quoted the new company policy… they do not guarantee a quality of service and their only obligation is to provide a dial tone.

Or at least that is what I think she said. I couldn’t be sure because the noises on the line were so loud.

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You have been very patient with this issue for a long time. I suggest filing a complaint with the FCC.


I wonder if a letter to the BBB is warranted?


I have a similar problem with my telephone line and I can’t get them to do anything about it either. Sometimes it gets so bad that I get cut off in the middle of calls. I’ve called the company, I’ve called state government, but so far nothing. You have my sympathy.


Just another example of today’s emphasis on low standards. It sounds like your phone company is promising almost nothing and under delivering. There was a day when the phone company and other businesses would strive for quality but I’m afraid those days are over. I wonder what would happen if a state senator or the governor was your next door neighbor? Would they work to correct the problem then?