“Happiness comes not from without but from within.
It comes not from the power of possession
but from the power of appreciation…”
–J. Walter Sylvester

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So true. As long as we think someone else has it all, we lose ourselves. What we don’t realize is that many of those we think have it all are looking at US thinking we have it all. Strange world we live in; no?


What a beautiful picture! And a beautiful verse to go with it. I get such inspiration from your blog, there’s always something worthwhile to read. Thank you for sharing your life and your wisdom.

Andrea from UK

One of my favourite parts of your blog is the inspirational quotes. They are always very thought provoking and speak to me. The photo’s are always so beautiful as well.


This is so true. If you go looking for happiness on the outside you’re never going to find it no matter how hard you look. Happiness starts on the inside and spreads outward. Your articles are so enjoyable and they make me think too, such a wonderful contrast to so much of the rest of the media. Thanks for being there and for being you!