A few days ago our mail carrier actually lost a Priority Mail package we were expecting. We had been tracking the package each day because it contained repair parts we needed desperately for one of our computers… so it was somewhat of a surprise on the projected delivery day to see that the tracking results already showed the package marked as “delivered.”

The woman at the post office remembered the package. The mail carrier remembered the package and he also remembered that he had not delivered the package to our address. However, he did NOT remember delivering the package to any other address, and he especially did not remember scanning the package as delivered.

Four days passed and the package was still missing. On the fifth day the mail carrier delivered the package and a note of apology.

So where had the package been for those five days? We were so glad to finally get the repair parts, we didn’t ask.

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Hi Shirley,
Same thing happened to me, several times! I live in a rural place that has its own mail room. All of us get our mail in a box assigned to us. I wish I could count the times we either didn’t receive a package or that it was put in another’s box. It takes days to track down the mistake and a few times whoever got our package never returned it to the mailman. Hope they like old British movies!
I will say that since we got a new mailman this has not happened.
On the bright side, our postal system in this country is much better than many countries. They go to many places a private company will not deliver to.
Glad you finally got your package!


There is another family in town with the same last name as ours although it is spelled differently. The man also has the same first name as my husband although this is spelled differently too. We often get the mail addressed to this man. I don’t want to think how much of our mail he gets.

Rachel C.

I guess we’re lucky. We live in a very small town and have rural delivery and have never had a problem. Our neighbor often tells about how her mail is misdelivered. She gets another neighbor’s mail and the neighbor gets her mail. The names and addresses are nothing like each other either. Go figure.

Mrs. M.

We used to live in a town that didn’t get mail delivery at all and we had to go to the post office. It was pretty crazy!


This has happened to me more than once, especially at work. I have had businesses on the other side of town call me with a package for us that was delivered to them.