“The question is not what you look at,
but what you see.”
Henry David Thoreau

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Nina T.

I love this concept of really looking and really seeing. I don’t always do that. You have inspired me to try.

Kim Campbell

I love Thoreau


I am transfixed by that flower! It looks like something from a Busby Berkley production. What is it?

As I go about my day I see the glories of Nature, of God all around me, I thank Him for another day full of His gifts to us, and I try to be a good caretaker.


Perhaps it’s the positive side of an at times decidedly unfocused mind, but I do SEE very beautiful things in otherwise disregarded objects; the patterns in intertwined tree branches, the glinting of light off a child’s hair, the movement of clouds and, yeah, even garbage (apologies to American Beauty). Shapes caused by shadows, street lights on slick nighttime tarmac. Sometimes these ‘discoveries’ can render me transfixed. I do wish I had a more directed, orderly mind but not for the loss of seeing.


So true and this is something I’m just starting to learn. Your blog has been a blessing to me in so many ways.


Just beautiful!