This list is in response to a meme asking for a list of ten things that would help people know me better. I’m an over-achiever, :o) so after some soul searching, here are fourteen facts unique to me.

When I was born, the doctors told my parents I had only a fifty percent chance to survive. Obviously I beat the odds!

I was once badly bitten by a large black dog in a mall parking lot. The doctor reported the incident, and because the dog just suddenly appeared and viciously attacked me, and then couldn’t be found afterwards, the police thought the dog might be rabid. I was required to undergo a series of preventative shots.

When I read a book, I always read the first chapter and then read the last chapter before I read the book through. I enjoy the book more if I know how it ends and can watch events develop throughout the story. I do this with non-fiction, too.

I very much dislike background music, like in stores or on the telephone. It interferes with my thoughts.

One of the old stone walls surrounding our property

I am definitely a morning person. I like to get up around five in the morning, especially in the summer when I can go outside to work in the garden.

I have never won anything except a box of chocolates when I was five years old, and I wasn’t allowed to keep it. Because I was the smallest child at the gathering, I was asked to pick the winning name from the hat. When I picked out my own name, my mother was so embarassed, she insisted that another name be chosen.

I have a serious back problem. Living with chronic pain affects every part of my life.

Honesty is extremely important to me. I cannot stand pretention or injustice. I like things to be fair.

My husband and I once fell to the floor unconscious in a freak accident when the metal tape measure we both were holding somehow made contact with an exposed live electrical connection.

Something I absolutely love to do is hand-feed baby birds… birds like parrots that are hatched without feathers and are completely helpless. The smallest bird I have ever raised was a parakeet that was rejected by its mother because it was so tiny. I had to use a magnifying glass to see his beak to feed him. The vet told me that this parakeet baby was too small to survive, but it did and lived a very long life.

I love heavy snowstorms. They make me feel happy and excited. I think it’s because when I was a little girl, a really heavy snowstorm would usually mean no school.

Wearing black shoes make me feel like I’m going to stumble. I know… I can’t explain it either!

I often don’t remember faces, especially if I see the person in an unfamiliar setting. This can be, and has been, very embarassing. I do, however, ALWAYS remember a voice.

I once walked straight into a bear in the dark when I was walking around outside our house without a flashlight. I had my hands outstretched in front of me so I wouldn’t walk into some trees that are there. Suddenly my hands went into thick, coarse fur. There was a startled grunt, then tremendous crashing sounds of bushes breaking. I suspect the bear had been quietly standing upright waiting for me to pass by. It would be a toss-up which of us was more surprised!