When I woke up very suddenly this morning… with the distinct feeling that something had woken me up… the room was lighting up at intervals from lights that were moving around just outside our house. The lights were too low to be lightning and not in the right place to be coming from cars driving past in the road. When I got up and went to the window, I saw two large round lights slowly moving back and forth, covering first one section of our yard and then another. It was still early, only a few minutes before four a.m., and it was still completely dark outside… no street lights here!… and all I could see was the lights. It was very obvious that the lights were not flashlights because the light was so intense and yet so strangely muted at the same time… and that at least two people were near our house doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Sweet william (Dianthus barbatus)

At this point it seemed like a good idea to make whoever was out there aware that someone knew they were there, and I knew opening the window would do the trick. This particular window always makes a horrible shuddering, screeching sound when it is opened quickly and with force, and this morning in the darkness I made sure opening that window made a LOT of noise. The lights suddenly stopped sweeping the area and froze in place. By this time my husband, who is a very heavy sleeper, had joined me at the window and wanted to know what was going on… but as soon as he saw the lights, he knew. It is always difficult to know what to do in a situation like this. Obviously it is illegal to use a spotlight to hunt at night on someone else’s property… and especially so near a house. On the other hand, we didn’t really want a confrontation.

So I leaned out the window and started loudly calling over and over again to an imaginary dog, the way anyone would do if a dog had just gone outside and was a little slow in coming back in. Our two little dogs (in the room with us) started to bark frantically, as I had known they would, and the people with the lights took off. It was still too dark for these people to see without their lights, and too dark for us to see anything except their lights… but we were glad to see both lights moving at a very fast run out of our yard, into the road, and then up the road until they were completely out of sight. Someone… or two someones, I guess… couldn’t get away from here fast enough.

So how did YOUR morning start?