This chart lists equivalent measurements for bread (crumbs, croutons, and cubes), eggs, all-purpose and whole wheat flour, macaroni, noodles, popcorn, vanilla beans, wheat berries, and yeast.

Ingredient Approximate Equivalent Measurements
Bread 1/3 cup crumbs, fine 1 slice, dry
Bread 12 cups croutons 1-pound loaf
Bread 3/4 cup coarse crumbs or cubes 1 slice, soft
Eggs (Boiled) 1/2 cup, chopped 4 eggs
Flour (All-Purpose) 20 cups, sifted or 16 2/3 cups, unsifted 5 pounds
Flour (Whole Wheat) 18 3/4 cups 5 pounds
Macaroni (Uncooked) 8 cups, cooked 1 pound
Noodles 12 cups, cooked 1 pound
Popcorn 4 cups, popped 3 tablespoons, unpopped
Vanilla Beans 1 teaspoon extract 1 inch of bean, scraped
Wheat Berries 3 cups, cooked 1 cup, uncooked
Yeast (Active Dry) 1 package (1/4-ounce) 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 teaspoons

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