Hosta ‘Queen Josephine’ was a surprise gift from one of my sons about two years ago. He often searches for hostas I have mentioned, and Queen Josephine was one of the hostas I had been unable to find anywhere locally. The thick, extremely shiny leaves with dark green centers and creamy yellow margins are this hosta’s most distinguishing characteristic.

Queen Josephine has blossomed for me and I was able to harvest a few seeds, but they did not germinate… something I had hoped would happen because seeds from Queen Josephine sometimes produce variegated seedlings.

7 inches long
5 1/2 inches wide
one-inch yellow margin
ten vein pairs

pale purple
blooms late July/early August
33-inch high scapes

Mound size:
42 inches in diameter
17 inches high

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Talk to me! :o)



I really REALLY like this one. So pretty!!!!!!!!


I didn’t know that this hosta sometimes produces streaked seedlings. I have been cutting off the flower stalks and buying streaked seeds. Guess I need to use what I have right here. I did manage to get a streaked seedling from a seed from Revolution. I was so proud! LOL


I just love the shiny look this hosta has although the one I have isn’t as shiny. Perhaps it is too young yet. Really enjoy this blog. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful knowledge.


Mine is located under the backyard deck and receives direct sunlight up to about 1:30 p.m. It actually looks EXACTLY like the picture above and that is crazy! Perhaps QJ is more shiny in sunshine? Just guessing as I haven’t come across and information regarding the shine.


This is one of my favorites, but it is an incredible vole magnet. They seem to sense when I’m even just thinking about planting one and are waiting for it.