Hosta ‘Cherry Berry’ is unusual because it has red scapes and bright red seed pods. I have this hosta planted directly in one of the gardens and it has grown enthusiastically, even though some people advise starting this hosta in a container sunk into the soil. In the early part of the season, the centers of Cherry Berry’s leaves are a bright yellow that in some gardens will change to white by fall. I have also noticed that the green in the leaves can vary quite dramatically in different locations. The flowers are a rather plain purple, but the scapes and seed pods are a startling bright red.

My Cherry Berry has produced seed pods and what look to be viable seeds, although I have not yet planted any of the seeds. Cherry Berry grows best when it is planted in an area that receives some direct sunlight.

6 1/2 inches long
2 5/8 inches wide
1/2-inch wide green margin
6 to 7 vein pairs

light purple
blooms late July/late August

Mound size:
28 inches in diameter
12 inches high