Hosta ‘Honeybells’ has light to medium green, slightly shiny leaves that are broader in mature plants. The leaves have wavy edges, which give them a somewhat puckery appearance. This hosta blossoms later than most others, but the very fragrant flowers are worth the wait. The flowers open in mid-morning, and only two or three flowers open each day. Although there are usually a lot of flowers on each scape (I have counted up to forty-five), very few seed pods form, and many of those are oddly shaped.

I have been able to get a few seeds to germinate, but the resulting seedlings do not have fragrant flowers, which I discovered (after the fact) is what I should have expected from this hosta!

10 1/4 inches long
6 1/2″ inches wide
light to medium green, shiny
9 vein pairs

very pale lavender
late August/early September
39 to 45-inch scapes

Mound Size:
50 inches in diameter
24 inches high

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This old favorite may not be as showy as some of the newer hostas but it is one of the hostas I like best because of the scented flowers.


I’m finding your posts about hostas to be very helpful. I hope you will continue to add hostas because I am learning alot. I need to tell you that you have some very lovely hostas. Also a wonderful blog.