I didn’t realize there was such a difference between one piece long-handled spoons and the welded kind until I was given a very old and very large one piece metal spoon. This is the spoon in the first photograph. The spoon is long (about 13 1/2 inches) and is very sturdy despite its slender look. I think there must be some silver in the mix because the spoon has a tendency to darken over time, and I think it is probably handmade because of its rather irregular shape. I have never used this spoon when preparing food because I am not sure what material it is made of, but the design, shape, and size is so much nicer than the other large spoons I had been using, it made me wonder if similar spoons existed today.


And I’m happy to say that they do! I purchased the two spoons and spatula (shown in the second photograph) for only a few dollars each. All three of these are made of stainless steel, and they are 13 to 14 inches long. I use them all the time. Because they are made in one piece, they will never come apart like the large spoons with welded handles often do, and they are longer so they will reach down into even the deepest kettle.

If you don’t already have spoons like these, I highly recommend them!

UPDATE for everyone who has asked for a source: Amazon has these stainless steel long-handled utensils… the slotted spoon, the solid spoon, solid and slotted spatula, and more.

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I want some spoons like these! Just last night the spoon part broke on my welded one, so I really am going to go shopping and look for some of these onepiece ones. Thanks for the great tip!


I know what you mean about liking certain things when you cook. I have an old flour sifter that I use. It’s the kind where you turn a handle on the side to sift the flour. I got it from my grandmother and it is so handy. I have never seen spoons like those. I would like some.


I think your one piece utensils are great. I have some serving spoons that are one piece, but not as long as yours. The ones that are 2 pieces are always coming apart so it is worth spending a bit more to get the one piece items and you won’t have to replace them as much in the future.