There is a wild apple tree at the edge of our meadow…

Sometime during last night, an apple fell off the tree and landed “just right” onto one of these sharp, pointed, broken-off stubs. The apple is impaled on the point… almost exactly through its center… in an almost perfectly upright position.

Deserving of a photograph, don’t you think?

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Talk to me! :o)



Wow! This is so cool! You’re right, it *is* deserving of a photograph!


Now this unfortunate apple is preserved for immortality! You said it fell just right but I think it fell just wrong. Love your blog btw. I’m a regular reader.

Lucky Penny

A great example of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. That’s why I love living in nature so much. There is so much to appreciate that most people don’t even notice. Your blog is wonderful.


LOL love it – are you going to leave it there for the birds to enjoy?


Thanks for sharing that neat picture!

laylay, age 12

an amazing sculpture, created by mother nature. every person can interpret different meanings of the apple on the root. what I see when I look at this picture is this: ‘keep trying until you hit the right spot, and when you look, you will see that your position is quite great.’