There is a wild apple tree at the edge of our meadow…

Sometime during last night, an apple fell off the tree and landed “just right” onto one of these sharp, pointed, broken-off stubs. The apple is impaled on the point… almost exactly through its center… in an almost perfectly upright position.

Deserving of a photograph, don’t you think?

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Talk to me! :o)



Wow! This is so cool! You’re right, it *is* deserving of a photograph!


Now this unfortunate apple is preserved for immortality! You said it fell just right but I think it fell just wrong. Love your blog btw. I’m a regular reader.


A great example of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. That’s why I love living in nature so much. There is so much to appreciate that most people don’t even notice. Your blog is wonderful.


LOL love it – are you going to leave it there for the birds to enjoy?


Thanks for sharing that neat picture!