“What comes first, the compass or the clock?
Before one can truly manage time (the clock),
it is important to know where you are going,
what your priorities and goals are,
in which direction you are headed (the compass).
Where you are headed is more important
than how fast you are going.
Rather than always focusing on what’s urgent,
learn to focus on what is really important.”
–Author unknown

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Bill Yeagle

Shirley, many thank yous for all you do. I consistently read your posts and gain great insight into the human condition. With so many distractions these days, our compass looses direction. Thanks for helping me gain some clarity and focus today.



This is the first time I have ever written a comment to a blog but I find your posts so inspiring and today I needed to tell you. This post speaks to me personally. My sincere thanks to you for this wonderful blog.


Once again you’ve touched my heart.


I don’t think this could have been more timely or applicable to my life right now if you’d tried. Lately I have been feeling like a hamster in one of those wheels that keeps turning but never gets anywhere. I read this quote (great picture too btw) and thought, aha. This is what my life is missing. I’m spending too much time worrying about the clock and not enough time thinking about the compass. Thank you for a wonderful blog and for reminding me about something I should have known.


That’s a great quotation, but what I keep looking at in this post is that photograph of those beautiful flowers. Late autumn is kind of a dreary time of year around here and there isn’t much to look at anymore. Thanks for the sentiment, but thanks also for reminding me how beautiful next summer will be.


Hi Shirley!
i would say that the compass is first but somewhere between it and me there’s a hunter swinging left and right trying to get my attention and hypnotize me to stop.

Whoosh… maybe you should do something else?
Whoosh… it’s such a nice Sunday. Go meet your friends.
Whoosh… How about another cookie to your coffee? ;>

But for most of the time it’s out of sight so I can see my compass clearly ;)


Such insight is truly a breath of fresh air after the heavy rain. Our minds wind up just like the cogs of a clock, ever chasing around the hours day by day. We get so caught up, so dizzy that we forget the chasing was meant to make the most of each moment.

We tumble down, fumbling with our emotions and confusion and stand still in our toil. Then, we pick ourselves back up and do it all over again, a little more dishelved than the last time.

I want to break this loop with the clock and focus more on that compass. Because what’s the use of forever chasing the clock if you don’t enjoy what you’ve already caught?

Your post truly inspired me.