“You can’t force simplicity;
but you can invite it in
by finding as much richness as possible
in the few things at hand.

Simplicity doesn’t mean meagerness
but rather a certain kind of richness,
the fullness that appears
when we stop stuffing the world with things.”
–Thomas Moore

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I like this quote. Some people are geared towards a simple life and others are not but I have always been a firm believer that if you aren’t suited for the lifestyle you can’t force it. And that works even more so for a spouse who doesn’t want what you want. Ask me how I know. :-) The best route is to go slowly and embrace the benefits that simplicity gives you. The wrong route is to try to achieve this by purging and completely changing your lifestyle.


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I spend hours reading your articles and I always find something inspiring. You are a huge help to me, my husband also. Thank you for all the effort this must take.

Judy, Mom of 7

Thank you for sharing this quote. There is a richness in simplicity that many people never realize. I especially appreciated part of this quote about miserliness because that is so easily misunderstood. You have a wonderful blog.