“Life is made up,
not of great sacrifices or duties,
but of little things,
in which smiles and kindness,
and small obligations given habitually,
are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.”
–Humphry Davy

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Oh, what a beautiful picture of the dainty bluettes, one of my favorite signs of spring, next to the old birch log. When I was a kid and the world was my oyster, I would pick my Mum a nosegay of bluettes. Thanks for the sweet memories.


So very true. It’s so easy to skip past the little stuff and dwell on the big but it’s really the little things that make us happy. I need to remember this and I truly appreciate the reminder.


I love the simple beauty of the bluetts against the log. Great composition and a wonderful inspirational post. As always, my thanks and admiration for your work!


Great composition in that picture, and a very thought provoking quote.


I loved that ! Thanks for passing along those inspiring words .