The weather people are warning that there is another severe snow storm headed our way. They get a little giddy with their forecasts sometimes, and the snowfall amounts are usually less than their excited predictions, but it does seem to just keep snowing… and snowing… and snowing!

This is what our paths look like. The snowblower can no longer throw the snow as high as the top of the snowbanks.

I call it involuntary tunnel vision.

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I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have so much snow outside your house. I have never seen snow but it looks quite lovely. I imagine I would not think it was so lovely if I had all that snow to shovel though.


This cracks me up! I’m a regular reader and love your blog. It’s like going back home because I used to live in New England and living now in Arizona I actually miss the cold and snow.


I had the opposite experience this week…about a foot of “50% chance of light snow, 3-5 inches accumulation”!