Reader question… “I enjoy the hints you have shared in your blog and I have been pleased to find that all your hints work so well. Recently I saw somewhere about using flour to shine up stainless steel. I am wondering if you have tried this and what your thoughts are.” –Vera W.

Actually, flour DOES shine up stainless steel… quite amazingly well. This technique works the best on a sink or pots and pans… things with flat, open surfaces. I wouldn’t recommend it for appliances (try the olive oil for those) because the flour can get a little messy in grooves and crevices, but if you’re willing to guarantee a lengthy clean-up, the flour will do a good polishing job.

I actually use this method periodically on the double stainless steel sinks in my kitchen. These sinks have been in daily use for forty years and have lots of scratches and imperfections… but polishing with flour sure does make them shine!

It’s important that the stainless steel surface is completely dry (and clean) before you start to use the flour method. Lightly sprinkle dry flour over the entire surface… use a clean, dry cloth and buff in a circular motion. You will see the surface start to shine as you rub.

When the entire surface is shining to your satisfaction, remove the flour and any flour residue and buff again lightly.

I think you’ll be surprised!

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Aubrey (in Cornish)

That’s one contented kitty! She’s beautifully marked too. I especially love that orange on her belly.

Oh – and thanks for the tip! I can’t imagine that my ratty sink could look as good as your’s but I’m certainly going to give it a try.


I hope you’ll keep posting these tips. I’m with Vera W. I have tried all of the tips you have posted to this blog and every single one of them works beautifully. I love knowing that something as simple and available and safe as flour can do such a outstandingly good job. Btw I have a jar of your citrus disinfectant solution aging in my cupboard. I can’t wait to use that one.

Miranda T

I love the kitty photo and I did a double take because your kitty looks so much like mine except mine doesn’t have the beautiful orange on her stomach and mine is a boy. Other than that they’re almost twins *grin* ! I also love this tip and I was surprised that it works so well even on my less than beautiful sink. Keep up the good work. This blog is a treasure.


Please keep the gratuitous photos coming!!! I’m glad you also showed how shiny your sink is after the flour treatment but your cat is way cute and I’m glad you shared the pic with us. Do you have just the one cat? I’m a huge cat-lover and we have 3. They’re all getting old now and slowing down but we love them like children. And yes the flour buffing works really really well. I tried it after I read this post and my sink looks better than it’s looked for years.

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

Mom2Three, we have one other cat. She’s black and white and I’m sure she’ll be the subject of another gratuitous photo sometime. :o) They’re totally different personalities but each is very sweet in her own way… and very much a part of our family too.


I just finished shining my stainless steel sink with flour and I can’t believe I just wrote that but I also can’t believe how amazing the sink looks. I followed your tip exactly and the sink looks amazing. It shines like it is new. Thank you so much for this tip and for your other natural cleaning tips and this blog. I love it all.