There are literally hundreds of these adorable little toads hopping around underfoot each summer. When we first start to see them they are about the size of a small green pea and are too tiny and undefined to show up well in a photograph. Actually, the first tiny toads we ever saw here suddenly appeared one spring about four years ago, and we thought they were some kind of a bug until I picked one up and really examined it. What a surprise to discover that I was holding a perfectly formed miniature baby toad!

Although these little toads grow as summer progresses and start to lose their fragile “see-through” look, by the time of the first frost they are still only about the size of a kidney bean. Amazingly, they somehow manage to make it through our harsh winters by burrowing into the soil.

We love having toads around. The adult toads keep us company while we’re working in the gardens, and they are a huge help with insects. The tiny ones do make mowing the lawn somewhat of an adventure, though… my husband mows by pulling the lawnmower behind him so the toads can hop out of the way.

The tiny toads are different colors, ranging from red and brown to yellow and orange, just like the adult toads… my favorites are the plain brown ones, which also seem to be the most plentiful.