Hosta ‘Christmas Tree’ has broad, rounded, dark green leaves that are somewhat corrugated. The leaves have a narrow margin that starts out yellow in the spring and quickly changes to cream. Sometimes the center of the leaves will also have a streak of the margin color. This hosta grows quickly and forms a dense mound. One of Christmas Tree’s most outstanding characteristics is its abundance of colorful seed pods that start out medium green but turn to a deep purple as they mature.

This is a new hosta for me… my tiny specimen is only one year old and is just loaded with pods.

Seed pod just starting to turn purple

9 3/4 inches long
8 3/4 inches wide
dark green centers
cream margins
11 to 12 vein pairs

medium lavender
bloom late June/late July
30 to 36-inch high scapes

Mound Size:
56 inches in diameter
23 inches high

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Talk to me! :o)



I have several hostas that are HUGE!! Maybe at least 4 ft across. I love them. It has taken me 26 years to surround our yard with hostas.


I have a few hosta’s too but they don’t look as good as your’s do. I’ve been reading your articles and have learned a lot that I’m already putting into practice. I think I see some improvement in my hostas. Wish me luck.


Cool! Purple seed pods. I would have thought they always were green.