If you’d been driving past our house at the right time last night, you could have almost reached out your car window and shaken hands… with the bear that was trampling down the tall stand of day lilies and ferns at the edge of the road.

We know the bears are out there because we hear them all the time… even as I write this, I can hear at least two bears calling to each other in the distance, and we see a lot of these bear wallows around the property.

This one did seem a little close.

Last night’s wallow is an almost perfect ten-foot circle. Most of the wallows we see ARE circular because the bear turns around and around like a dog before it settles down.

All day today people have stopped to ask if we’re aware that there is a new bear wallow so close to our house.

And yes, we do know it’s there. :o)

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Wow! You got some scary stuff going on. I was interested to see a real wallow. I sure won’t be seeing one around here. We live in the Bronx.


You do live close to nature. I can’t even imagine what is would be like to know bears are so close. You are living my dream. I probably won’t ever have the opportunity to live a similar life but I always dream. I love this blog and your writing. Thanks for all you do.


I am so impressed with this blog. The photographs are beautiful and many are the best I’ve seen, like you have the best bee photographs I have ever seen and I especially appreciate how detailed your photographs are. I can look at something like the bees and see detail. I do appreciate that. Just wanted you to know.


A bear wallow? ON YOUR FRONT LAWN? I can’t even guess what that would be like. And yet you just treat it like it’s another ordinary day! I love this blog and your accounts of your country life. You have a talent for writing. Please write a book!


hey there! I just came upon your site when I was searching for “how to plant hostas from seed” and I am blown away! What a treasure trove! I noticed that you have several photos of fall foliage. Are you based out of New England? I live in a very small New England town myself. My husband and I are newlyweds and I am a farm girl thru and thru, I miss having 20 acres for a backyard. We have about 1/2 acre, and were thinking of starting some raised beds. Best to do in the Fall or spring? (not for planting, just building)

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

Nicole, we like to build the raised beds in the fall and get them filled with soil. That way the soil has a chance to “settle” so everything is ready for planting in the spring. And yes, we are in New England… there isn’t much time in a growing season so it helps to have everything ready and get an early start.