Reader question… “I used your instructions and made garlic powder over the weekend. It turned out great and it tastes much more garlicky than my jar of store bought. I’m wondering do you make your own Italian seasoning mix and if you do if you would share your recipe. I am trying to make as many things from scratch as I can and I’m finding your blog wonderfully helpful.” –Patti

The Italian seasoning I make is roughly based on one I originally bought. It’s a simple blend of basil, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and sage. I would suggest starting with equal amounts of each of these six herbs, although you may want to adjust the proportions later on. I always use a little more sage and a little less rosemary because that is the way my family likes it. Make as small a batch of this as you want. If you want a powder, grind the measured herbs in a processor… I like a coarser grind, so I just use a whisk to blend the already-ground herbs together. That’s really all there is to making Italian seasoning mix.

I started blending these six herbs because they were the herbs listed on the commercial Italian seasoning. We like this combination so much I have never wanted to change it, but some people also add onion or garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and other herbs like coriander and savory… and even black pepper and salt. It seems to be very much a matter of personal taste.

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Great! I’m going to try this!


I have made your italian seasoning mix twice. The first time I used your exact recipe and it was very delicious. The second time I decided I would add some red pepper and some garlic and that was good too. Thank you for your base recipe and the other ingredient suggestions. They give me lots of possibilities.


This recipe makes a really good seasoning blend. I like the proportions just the way they are.