Over the last few days we have picked thirty-two ripe tomatoes… and they all came from just two tiny Micro Tom plants that we have growing under lights. The tomatoes grow in clusters and are nearly an inch in diameter. They ripen two or three at a time and they disappear quickly once they are ripe!

I only planted two seeds… one on each side of a small plastic cup. This was my first planting of this particular tomato, so my experience may not be typical, but both seeds took only a couple of days to germinate. When the seedlings had three sets of true leaves, I moved each one into its own five-inch pot. Amazingly, both of these sturdy fuzzy little plants had produced blossoms and were already forming tiny tomatoes before they were even a month old.

The plants have now reached what I think must be their mature size… they’re very wide, short and stocky and less than six inches tall. Both plants have been absolutely loaded with tomatoes, and there are still eight or nine green or partially red tomatoes and an incredible number of buds and blossoms and tiny tomatoes in various stages of growth left on each plant.

Impressive yields, don’t you think, for the “smallest tomato plant in the world”?